Professional tattoos, piercing, and art gallery. Featuring the best Artists in Las Vegas, NV.

Located on the retail level of the Stratosphere Casino, Ship and Anchor is an upbeat, classy addition to the tattoo scene in Las Vegas, NV. 

The shop is home to a hand picked and versatile group of the country's most talented tattoo artists and piercers. 

We are also proud to display the original artwork of the Las Vegas valleys artists. Our gallery is constantly changing and the level of artistry housed within our walls will never cease to amaze.

Piercing Rates:

  • Come and check out our small tattoo museum and art gallery out front!

Who are we?

(To start off you will pay $100 deposit to the artist)

After you come in your tattoo will be evaluated on size and detail, and a price will be quoted to you.

Contact Information

​​​Basic (Nose, Bellybutton, Eyebrow, Lip) : $60

​Cartilage : $80

Exotics : $80+

Earlobes : (Single) $30, (Both) $50

Nipples : (Single) $60, (Both) $100

Tattoo Pricing:

News & Updates


2000 South Las Vegas Blvd 

Las Vegas, NV United States
Telephone: (702) 432-4801